Testimony of Hope for the Weary 

White taled eagle (2)

As I finished my run yesterday, it was early evening, a beautiful end to the day, I was alone in the field and I stood cooling off, catching my breath I wanted to capture this quiet moment of time. I felt sad, sad for the situations in my life where I had no answers, a hurting and needy world that didn’t know the answer lay in the hands of their Maker.

A heart cry went out to the One who knows and to whom nothing is impossible.

‘Oh God, I feel so heavy laden, I feel I carry burdens that are not mine to carry, but I hurt for those who are so lost and without hope.’

As I stood still in the presence of my King, I knew He was there, a breath away, and I knew that He heard my heart cry. No answer came, but His Presence was enough for now.

In the stillness, swallows swooped down low to the ground, skimming the grass before flying off only to turn around and skim the ground again.

I watched them, they came close, and I thought how wonderful it must be to fly as they did. Then my eyes were diverted upwards, high into the blue sky and way above me was an eagle, whose wing span was wide and outstretched. I marvelled at how high the eagle flew, this magnificent bird was just being carried along by the wind current, barely flapping its wings, as it swooped down and up again
As I watched, I heard the familiar voice I had come to know as my Father. I knew instantly the wisdom that was to follow.

‘That’s how I want you to be my daughter, high above carried along by my Spirit. Not heavy laden, walking low and burdened, but soaring above, revived and refreshed by my Holy Spirit.’
I knew this was my Father, seeing my heavy heart and as always caring and wanting His best for me. He saw how hurt I felt, how helpless, but he knew that if only I would soar with Him I could look down and see things from His perspective, and then my strength would be renewed.

I had no answer for the ones who hurt, who I carried in my heart, but He had, and it was His problem, not mine, it never was.

‘Father, help me to give to you those I worry about, whose lives are helpless and lost, knowing You are their answer, You know, and You are more than able to work out Your plans and purposes for their lives, if only I would let them go releasing them to you and trusting that truly, nothing is impossible for You.’

I walked back to my car, lighter and wanting to be like that eagle, so I could go back out into the world and make a difference, knowing I serve the King who delights to work in impossible situations and alone has the power to change lives.  
Isaiah 40:31
Those who hope in the Lord will renew their strength.
They will soar on wings like eagles;
They will run and not grow weary,
they will walk and not be faint.

Mary Thomas, 04/09/2019