A personal testimony of peace 

Matthew 6:27

'Can any of your by worrying add a single hour to your life?'

I struggle with anxiety, the fearful cycle of ‘what if’s’ that wakes us in the night or distracts us during the day interrupts us all sometime in our lives. It may be a season of fear and anxiety, or it may be something that causes a constant battle in our minds.

But Jesus tells us not to worry. I find it fascinating that there are 366 verses in the Bible that contain a reassurance not to worry, fret or be anxious or fearful. One for every day of the year, including a leap year! Our Father must have known how we would struggle with anxiety

Do you relate to this?

I can ‘fret’ over some anxious thought for a long time before I remember to talk to the Prince of Peace.

Recently, on holiday, I woke early, anxious and worrying – I had let one of those thoughts in and it had become a mountain – a storm in my mind. I had forgotten that God says, ‘Do not worry’, I tossed and turned, stomach in knots, and then considered talking to the One who holds all my days in the palm of His hand.

‘Lord’, I said, ‘Please give me Your Peace, I am anxious and I know You can give me Your Peace that is beyond understanding’.

And then I worried some more!

It wasn’t until a few hours later, as I stood on the sea jetty, surrounded by water both sides that I heard the voice of God, not audibly, but through His creation, pacifying me, calming my spirit, and at last giving me the Peace I craved.

It was a windy morning, bright sunshine, casting wonderful shadows on the choppy sea. The water was swirling, being blown in all directions, and then I saw it – a circle of complete stillness in the water – a large area of complete calm in the midst of the turbulent sea. I heard God speak to my heart.

He said, ‘My daughter, that’s what I want for you – complete peace in the midst of the storm’.

A snapshot of truth – a moment in time where everything came into perspective – God had spoken.

I would need to draw on this later in the day and the days to come. He knew where I was, and what was coming – and He knew exactly what I needed to see and hear to make His word come alive to me.
Do you need to know His Peace that is beyond understanding?

Remember, He doesn’t promise to take away the trouble, but He does promise His Peace – His Presence. As a wise friend often says, ‘Peace is not the absence of problems, but the Presence of a Person’, and that person is Jesus.
Before your anxious mind runs away with you, talk to the One who knows, the One who calmed the storm – He delights to give us His Peace – yes, even in the midst of our storms.
Father, thank you that we can come to You, our heavenly Father and ask for Your Peace. Thank you that you so willingly give it to us. You are the only one who can calm the storms of life, please help our troubled minds to find rest in You alone

‘Peace I leave with I, My Peace I give I. I do not give to I as the world gives. Do not let your hearts be troubled and do not be afraid.’ Jesus
                                                                                         John 14:27

Mary Thomas, 04/09/2019